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B Bender 101 Video Download

If you have recently purchased a B Bender guitar or plan to in the future, this video will get you started and take you to the next level. It was created as part one of a set of instruction videos, to be givin away with a new line of guitars.

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Forrest shows you the different chords, shapes and licks that will have you working the bender like you've know it for years!

Included in the First Half:

  • Beginner to intermediate understanding of how it works and when you can use it.
  • Chords you can use to create pedal steel licks.
  • Chord shapes in major, seventh, suspended, ninth and minor.
  • And many variations on those chords positions.
  • Moving the chord based licks around with bar method.
  • Resource ideas - must have B Bender albums.
  • I brief history - Forrest Lee Jr style...

Included in the Second Half:

  • Intermediate to Advanced Licks
  • More resource ideas - must have B Bender albums.
  • Led Zep- All Of My Love bender parts
  • Eagles - Peaceful Easy Solo
  • Ricky Skaggs - I'm Tired
  • Forrest Lee Jr - Lazy Fingers lick
  • Many more bender styles and licks

running time appox. 45 minutes